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Post Audit Payment RecoveryPost Audit Payment Recovery
Shipments can be mis-described, invoices paid twice or guaranteed services unmet.  When this happens there is a window of opportunity to recoup these payments both with LTL or Parcel.  This will often result in many thousands of dollars for our clients.


Analysis and NegotiationAnalysis and Negotiation
Through many core competency methods and leverage buying power PFS has consistently delivered improved freight rates across LTL, Parcel, TL and International shipping.  In every case freight savings analysis have exceeded 8% and an average of 14% has been realized across all of PFS clients.


Inbound Vendor ManagementInbound Vendor Management Program
Through the use of transportation management applications; freight optimization and rate negotiation our clients capture key advantages in streamlining their vendor management. The results deliver a competitive market edge that brings greater shipment visibility, enhanced purchasing control, reduced freight costs, less inventory and improved customer service.


Pre Audit and Financial SettlementPre Audit and Financial Settlement
By catching the mistakes before they happen, consolidating invoicing and by providing visibility to shipment data, PFS delivers a one two and three punch that streamlines the financial settlement process and enhances work flow practices.


Supply Chain AssessmentSupply Chain Assessment
By breaking down the transportation components that make up the client’s logistics chain, PFS can surgically place quality improvements into a clients critical control points.  In many cases a clients processes are not broken but by applying the right focus items and core competencies PFS implements new, or enhances existing, practices on a continuous basis that allow our clients to fine tune their market advantage with their supply chain.