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Transportation Management System

Transportation TechnologyA key element for our clients’ success is the availability of the PFS web based tools that are contained in our Transportation Management and Execution Suite.   PFS deploys technology to play a large role in our clients’ ability to realize their organizations goals.

TMS Benefits

The benefits of the TMS is it provides critical components to execute on the life cycle of every shipment.  Booking shipments electronically, track and tracing your freight with real time data are all at your fingertips through one portal.  Equally, instant shipment quoting with multiple options and viewing transit times are key to a customer service or purchasing manager when sending or receiving materials or products.

Downloading shipment data is also available along with invoices that are both in the process of being audited or are ready to be batch printed and paid.

This powerful visibility can be available across all departments allowing the intangible time savings to permeate through each department.  Time saved in the quoting and booking process, time saved checking on shipments or time saved reviewing freight bills to generate invoicing are all realized quickly and easy through the PFS TMS.