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Freight Optimization

True Optimization is driving  the right choice for every one of your shipments.  These choices can only be made  effectively through the use of Transportation applications that pick the appropriate LTL carrier modes between every single zip pair throughout North America.

The transportation market offers hundreds of carriers, using thousands of base rates, discounts and FAK bandings so it is no wonder even the most sophisticated companies wrestle with how to make the right choices on receiving  raw materials or shipping finished goods.  Many have taken steps to  construct routing guides that pick single carriers for states or regions of the country.  This process is heavily manual, limiting in carrier choices and savings and difficult to enforce.

PFSOptimizer:  Managing Every Shipment Electronically with Pinpoint Accuracy

By using the PFSOptimizer  every shipment can be managed electronically with pinpoint accuracy.  Vendors can be guided through multiple choices, customer service can make freight decisions on the spot and Logistics managers can have comfort in knowing the best lean logistics practices are being applied.


Freight Optimization