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Complete Logistics Solutions

Professional Freight Solutions philosophy is to pinpoint the critical control points within a Logistics operation and deliver a quick and visible impact. These practices will result in meeting your current business objectives of today, so you can focus on the corporation’s needs for tomorrow. At PFS we understand that one size does not fit all so in order to achieve your success we deliver comprehensive customized solutions where we first seek to understand so we may present deliverables that can be met.


Cost ReductionCost Reduction
Through appropriate analytics, current process flow evaluation and gaining understanding of how critical control points are currently managed, PFS can deliver a customized approach so the client can realize tangible and intangible savings in key areas.


Cash Recovery-AuditCash Recovery-Audit
Cash recovery is obtained by applying  transportation mode analysis to determine current and past spending . Parcel, LTL , Truckload or ocean have unique benchmarking requirements that allow PFS to recover overpaid freight charges (Post Audit) as well as set new mechanics in place to prevent future errors.(Pre Audit)


Tighter Inventory ControlTighter Inventory Control  
Better freight visibility, tighter vendor management controls and real time data allow our clients to make key decisions on production, shipping,client satisfaction and tighter  Inventory control.


Data Driven ManagementData Driven Management
PFS drives  key data   to allow the client  to make decisive decision on the future of the organization. It can be as simple as understanding vendor shipping patterns and as complex as   reorganizing your distribution network  . What ever the need PFS  can provide data analytics to achieve success.


Work Time SavingsWork Time Savings
How often has your organization time stamped the shipping process?  Time spent Quoting, dispatching, tracking, problem solving Auditing and invoice management are drastically reduced through PFS technology, Lean logistic methodology and experienced dedicated support.


KPI or CCP EnhancementKPI  or CCP Enhancement
Managing Performance indicators or having  visibility to critical control points  just got a whole lot easier.  PFS works with it ‘s client to redefine areas of focus or provide custom  data flows that has been designed to enhance the clients existing KPI’s.


Enhanced Customer ServiceEnhanced Customer Service
By combining on line technology and visibility with our experienced and dedicated customer service staff, our clients are able to deliver a level of service that will help you surpass your competition.